Placing an Order with Us

Farmgate Beef supplies quality bulk beef that is at its peak and not mass produced. In order to achieve this and ensure freshness of the product, a yearling is allocated only after we receive your order, not the other way around where the meat sits in the cold room waiting for orders. Due to this philosophy of providing the freshest meat possible, there is a wait time of 7 to 28 days from the time we receive your order. We will advise you of the delivery time when you place your order. To ensure you are delivered a quality product, the meat is aged for a minimum of 7 to 10 days to allow natural enzymes to tenderise the meat. After tenderising, the meat is then brought to EastSide Butchery Ballina run by Joel McMahon in the seaside town of Ballina. It is carved and Cryovac® packed in serving size trays to seal in the freshness and taste before being couriered to your door.

What will it cost?

Considering that online purchasing of a kilogram of premium mince from a supermarket chain will today cost you an average of $14.00 per kilogram and a prime steak cut would cost anywhere up to $37.00 or more per kilogram, purchasing our export quality yearling beef at just $13.00 a kilogram would certainly be a steal.

How can Farmgate Beef produce its product at this low cost when the large supermarkets are not able to even with the benefit of bulk buying power? It is because we are:

  • a small family operation without the high overheads;
  • Our beef is locally processed.

Hence, we do not have the costs of a large business operation and our profits go towards helping sustain local industries. Our cost savings are your purchase savings.

Ordering & Delivery

  • Minimum: 20 kg ($260.00)
  • Freight: $1.00 to $2.00 per kilogram depending on shipping location

Ordering is a minimum of 20 kg. Whilst Cryovac® packaging will keep your meat fresh in your refrigerator for up to 21 days, if you think that 20 kg is too much for yourself or your family to consume within a reasonable period of time or if you do not have the refrigeration space, then gather a few friends, extended family members, colleagues or neighbours together to make a purchase that can then be divided up. At just $13 a kilogram, you won’t have difficulty in finding those willing to go ‘halves’ or ‘thirds’. In fact, you may find yourself having to place a larger order than anticipated.

How much meat does my family consume? The OECD estimates the average beef consumption of an Australian family (comprising 4 persons) is about 110 to 115 kg per annum or about 10 kg per month.

Freight costs are $1.00 to $2.00 per kilogram depending on your area. Hence, for a 20 kilogram order, you would be looking at between $20.00 to $40.00 in delivery fees. When added on to the cost of the beef, this works out to be between $14/- to $15/- per kilogram, a price equivalent to premium grade mince at your local supermarket.

To place an order, simply fill out our order form. A business address is preferable if no one will be home to receive the order as we cannot leave the meat on your doorstep especially in warm weather. We deliver in particular to the Northern Rivers region of NSW, including Limsore, Casino, Grafton, Byron Bay, Alstonville, Mullumbimby, Murwillumba and to other areas in New South Wales as well as Southern Queensland, Australia.

We will get in touch with you using the contact details you provide to advise you of the expected delivery time and provide you with payment options.