Why buy Farm Gate Beef?

  • Stretch the budget: Purchasing wholesale beef in bulk has many benefits which you won’t find in the supermarkets. Firstly buying bulk fresh meat from us will save you money though still giving you a quality product and a variety in your beef cuts. Great when watching your budget.
  • Home grown beef: Our Australian bred Square Meaters cattle are healthy and graze in the lush green Valley of Meershaum Vale in the Byron Bay hinterland of the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.
  • Convenience: The convenience of delivery and the option to share your pack and the costs with neighbours, family and friends is an already popular purchasing decision with our existing customers.
  • Variety: Packs are perfect for large events such as BBQs or extended family dinners, giving you variety in using your choice cuts of T – Bone, Rump and Fillet steaks and the simple sausages and mince made products like burgers, rissoles, and more. You will be able to cater for all tastes and ages in the one pack.
  • Supporting Local Industries: At Farmgate Beef, we support the local industries by using local country butchers and abattoirs in the Byron Bay hinterland area including Lismore. Local businesses are also engaged in the daily running of a large property.